The presentation of the persons on the picture


Analysis of the Last Supper image

Image dimensions: 880cm x 460c

Detail of the Gospel, which perpetuates the painting:

Easter on the evening of the first among the disciples of Jesus ate the last supper. This is the celebration of the Lord of the Jewish people from Egypt to commemorate the liberation and ordered.
Meal “Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave to his disciples and said:
- Take and eat, this is my body. Then took the cup, gave thanks, and gave to his disciples and said:
- Drink from it, all of us, because this is my blood of the new testament, which is kionttatik for many for the remission of sins “(Mt 26:26-28).
When the Israelites freed from Egypt, the Passover was eaten bailout. So eat the body of Christ to his followers. As the blood of the slain lamb megoltalmazta the loss against the people of Israel, so the blood of Christ saves his followers from the slavery of sin. Christ’s body and blood “consume” it means that they accept her personal Savior. As for the food of the body, the soul of Jesus. Christ’s life and words of nourishment and life to the world.
By the word healed the sick, raised the dead, calmed the sea. Word of power. If presence is lacking and students, maintaining their word, the teachings – the Bible. Like masters “should capitalize every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt 4:4). “The words that I speak to you are spirit and life” (John 66:63) – he said these words, even when the “bread of life” spoken by many megbotránkozására. As with other food can not eat it for us, it must be in person with the verb “to eat” to truly become a part of us. Study the teachings, love to adopt one of the greatest experiences.
These rites of the Christian community meetings being cleansed from sin – Christ ordered by act of expression. The killing of the Passover of Jesus death on the cross was a symbol for thousands of years. Indeed, on the day of Passover when the lamb was slaughtered on Friday afternoon, there was a Calvary “real chicken” felfeszítve Christ on the cross. “The victim provided before the foundation of the world” realized (I Pet. 1:20). It keeps alive the world according to the Bible, and even our daily bread, and drink this thanks.
Leonardo’s picture, we can see, when Jesus says, “one of you will betray!” The students sit in groups of three, and the staggering scare words. Some people object to hátrahőkölve. Others ask each other. Still others are interested in Christ, that who you mean. Judas, the Master’s right hand, staying away from him. Megretten from the spoken word, and the fact that Jesus sees the heart. The characters react to violent movements.

In the picture from left to right, actors name:

Bartholomew, Jr.. James Andrew – Judas, Peter, John – Jesus – Thomas, op. James, Philip – Matthew, Thaddeus, Simon.
 The first three groups Bartholomew, James and Andrew, the younger forms. Bartholomew stands with both hands on the table relies on the gesture of indignation to see. James Andrew right hand behind the right hand, left hand, Andrew’s shoulder. St Andrew’s front-facing open palm gesture would like defense, he guiltless.
 The second group of three, Judas, Peter and John are. Judas is still referred to as a symbol of betrayal. (Judas, Judas Kiss, Judas money). Charisma, was a strong influence over the disciples, often caused strife among them, as well as self-righteous and was very fond of money. Elárultatása years before Jesus said, “Did I not chosen you, clothe you, the Twelve?, And one of you is a devil” (John 6.70) Leonardo months looking for the model of the vagabonds, Judas shaping. Alone, his face in shadow and his elbows on the table. Pénzeszacskót clutched in his right hand: and as a symbol of betrayal, or because he was the treasurer of the apostles. In one of his disciples, who did not become indignant after the announcement of Jesus, I do not guess who the traitor, because he knows the answer. The Gospel of John was the closest to the heart of Jesus. Jesus’ bosom “at the last supper. (Jn.13, 23) in the painting of Jesus seated at the right hand, his hands clasped. John Leonardo before the images are always depicted with long hair. Leans over to Peter, who said to him after the announcement of Jesus, to ask “who is who speaks” (John 13.24), Peter of John’s hand is on his shoulder, their heads touch each other, trust each other radiates this representation. Peter’s knife in his right hand, which also symbolize that when Jesus was captured, the Poroszlo cut off one of his ears.
 In the center is the figure of Jesus, the infinite light behind a door mounted, reflecting tranquility, having uttered the words serious. This quiet reality is the opposite of the apostles uneasiness. Yet for the first time in a quiet instrument targets the attention of the image. Jesus and Judas left hand, right hand close to the plate. Who is the traitor? “The one to whom I give the dipped morsel. And dipped the morsel, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, son of Simon” (Jn.13, 26) The ceiling beams converging lines can meet Jesus.
The third group of three Thomas, senior James (John’s brother) and Philippine forms. Thomas fingers upward outrage cells, James seems to say the gesture of: the man who would be able to tell? Philippines mildly incredulous heart of the show.
The fourth group of three of Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon (Jesus’ cousin) form. Matthew Jesus gives to his hands, his gaze directed at Simon as if he did not believe that Jesus would be able to tell anyone. Thaddeus Simon says something, right hand odd, unusual hold. Simon’s left hand thumb and little finger touch each other, analysts say the beginning and end of the show. Jesus is pointing with both hands, her eyes also look to Jesus. According to art historian Simon like Leonardo and the elderly, as if he also wanted to show this beautiful masterpiece.