History of the creation of the Last Supper


Stories of the origin of the image. The originof the image havemany stories are circulating in the world.

History of the Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci between 1495 and 1498 he painted the Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan reflekorium’s wall. Lodovico Sforza patron of the then-43-year master. A year earlier, the 17 year-old Cecilia Galleraninak painted the portrait of him, this image of the woman now Hermelines Czartoryski Collection in Cracow classy piece. The Sforza Castle in Milan, then built specially painted tangled branch system when the order was given to the preparation of the gospel from the famous scene of the Last Supper on the wall of the monastery.
Spent a lot of time to take the picture, it reveals a number of studies. Descriptions, hours, days spent in unemployment before painting, just looking at the picture, and for days it was not a brush.
An eye-witness accounts from:
“Sometimes, from dawn to sunset stayed in the temple, you did not make it in the hands of the brush, and mindful eating and drinking without intermission painted. Sometimes the other two or three or even four days of hands did not notice the brush, for hours on end did not do anything else just stood, arms crossed against the plant, a strict view of the figures fürkészve ”

The carefully chose his master to whom the image is sampled at players. Judas, the shape of the shaping spent days in the streets, and the city was seeking csavargói the appropriate model.
Giovanbattista Giraldi poet’s father witnessed when Leonardo painted the Last Supper, and he writes:
“Before I had Leonardo began to show his paintings in a players first carefully weighed the character and qualities of human nature …. had seen the notes made into a booklet, which is always carried in his”

The color of riches sought, so choosing a painting technique which was able to finish it, so the time was the usual “secco” procedure chosen. Brought up in several layers of oil paint to dry plaster, but it has not even made a picture on the wall is already in decline due to rising groundwater.
Vicissitudes of fate on the image next few years.
Broke through the lower part of the painting, to open a door in the wall to prevent the food from the kitchen to cool down what is in front of friends at the table. The monks whitewashed once a part of the painting, sometimes staying in Napoleon’s soldiers used for target image. The clumsy restorations (seven and four full restoration repaint) also contributed greatly to the deterioration of the image. Then, in the 17th century curtain obstructed, so nearly 200 years of bomlasztotta more moisture in the plaster over the painting. The last strike in 1943 during the Second World War at him when an American bomb exploded at the monastery. The entire building collapsed, often referred to as a miracle that only representing the Last Supper wall left standing in the middle of the mess.
Between 1978 and 1999, more than 20 years of work, the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro Dr. al. Barcilon Pinin Brambilla, each led by an excellent restorer of fine instruments later ráfestett layer isolated from the wall. What’s left – very few – of Leonardo’s hand from their own, they found a layer under the master’s card. The image in this sense renewed. Although worn and battered the wall, to the new colors come alive. It turned out that Leonardo used four kinds of blue. They’ve changed the characters, mouths opened, looks to have another direction. There are many missing details were revealed. The background is incomprehensible black rectangle on it turned out that “Mille Fleurs”, studded with many small flowers tapestry. The Master’s original intent seems to be better than the past five hundred years, at any time. What is the intention?