In the museum tickets are not sold, only for pre-purchased tickets pass it!

The picture viewing is available for 30 person in each turn. One turn can spend 15 minutes by viewing the picture!


The museum is closed on Mondays! Sometimes it is open on some holidays, these days predict.

Every week, from Tuesday to Sunday:

8.15 – 18:45 pm.:

There is no English or Italian language guide!

Full price ticket: 25 EUR / pc

Half-discount price: (18- 25 years old): 12 EUR/pc

Discounted tickets ( under 18 years ): 10 EUR / pc

9:30 am., 10.00 am., 15.30 pm. -16-00 pm.:

Compulsory guided tours in English or in Italian! Price 10 EUR/ pc.

Audioguide can be asked in any time, price: 10 EUR/pc.


Vou can send us you tickets requet by filling out the right-hand side of the fields.

Please enter the dates between you would like to visit the museum.

Give us how many pieces tickets you would like, and the applicants ages.

(If not pre-specify the age you are only able to provide full-price ticket!)


We will answer you in email within 24 hours.

If in the selected time there is no ticket avaible at that moment, you may have to wait days and as soon as we can, we will offer you avaible tickets with te punctual vistit time. Offered to the exact date and the total price will be confirmed back to you, then your order will be confirmed.

You can pay to our hungarian company by bank transfer or by credit card. If you would like to pay by credit card then please indicate to us in time. With the punctual informtions about the payment, you will get in email.


After the payment we will send you a voucher, for this we will need the name of the person who will pick up the tickets. This paper should be printed and you will need the identity card (or passport) who will pick up your tickets at the museum.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Minimum 20 minutes before the current date you have to collect your ticket! In the museum does not sell tickets, only pre-booked tickets can be collected! Purchased tickets ONLY can be used for the exact time! Take with you your personal ID! The discount tickets are required for the control of identity card or passport. (Take it with you, do not leave it in the hotel or in a safe place!)

The exact location of the museum: 20100 Milan, Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie 2.

Other useful things to know about the frequently asked questions under the menu FAQ! Please read it!

If you have any questions,please send an e-mail to our address: !



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