Where is the museum?

20100 Milan, Piazza Santa Maria della Grazia 2. (in the CONTACT menu can be viewed on a map)

How to get to the museum?

On the METRO 1 line to the stop Cadorna or Conciliazione and then walk until to the museum. (Yellow tourist information sign shows the way to the church.)

On the METRO 2 line to the stop of Cadorna and then walk until to the museum. (Yellow tourist information sign indicating the way to the church.)

With the tram 16 stop Corso Magenta, and there is the square Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Can I buy tickets in the museum?

In the museum you can’t buy tickets.Only the pre-purchased tickets can be picked up.

Can I changed the date of the visit or cancel the order after I confirmed or the bought tickets?

No, the only tickets purchased at the relevant time must be used. You can’t cancel your order after you confirmed your order.

How many people can go into the museum in one turn?

In one turn max. 25 person can visit the picture.

How much time do I have by the image viewing?

One turn can spend 15 minutes with the picture.

Photos can be made from the picture?

To make photos about the picturte is strictly forbidden.

When and how will I receive my tickets?

These tickets are printed voucher, and to the person of the personal ID or passport is required in whose name the voucher. If the person whose name has been asking for a voucher for any reason is unable to attend, please indicate us in time to arrange for another person who will be able to pick up tickets.

TMinimum 20 minutes before the current date you have to collect your ticket! Until you are waiting for the start of your visit worth to see the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie next to the museum.

You can find datails ablout the church is the menu About the picture.

We are a group, what should I do? (more than 10 person)

Please send un an email or call us if you have more than 10 persons.

Contact: info@utolsovacsora.hu or phone: +39 3737 337770

How can I pay for the ordered tickets?

You can pay to our hungarian company by bank transfer or by credit card. If you would like to pay by credit card then please indicate to us in time. With the punctual informtions about the payment, you will get in email.

Forint and euro can be paid for the tickets. (If you want to pay in HUF, you find the exact price of the tickets in the confirmation e-mail)


You can send us you tickets requet by filling out the right-hand side of the fields in menu Price/Booking.

Please enter the dates between you would like to visit the museum.

Give us how many pieces tickets you would like, and the applicants ages.

(If not pre-specify the age you are only able to provide full-price ticket!)

We will answer you in email within 24 hours.

If in the selected time there is no ticket avaible at that moment, you may have to wait days and as soon as we can, we will offer you avaible tickets with te punctual vistit time. Offered to the exact date and the total price will be confirmed back to you, then your order will be confirmed.


The exact prices you will find in PRICE / BOOKING menu.


The museum is closed on Mondays, other days of the week from 8:15 in the morning and the final turn starts at 18:45 pm.